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If we say we’ll do it, we will. Collaborate Living is recognised for moving through the industry with integrity and our pragmatic Northern attitude.


We operate from a unique position in the industry with an innovative, intuitive approach. We work differently to anyone else in the sector and push the boundaries of what’s possible.


A wealth of expertise in affordable housing and a deep understanding of the marketplace motivates us to give our clients a professional service driven by conscience and purpose.


We love our work and choose projects carefully to guarantee we’ll not only deliver best value for all, but enjoy positive working relationships.


We know exactly what our purpose is: to build affordable housing that sustains families, communities, and the planet. A strong purpose to help people and the earth allows us to bring our A-game to every project.

What We Do

We’re land and planning experts. We work with key players across the industry, whether it’s land agents, landowners, housing associations, local authorities, or contractors. We match the right sites, in the right places with the right opportunities. With a breadth and depth of experience and proven track record in the industry, we have the best connections and the leading market insights to see the opportunities that others don’t.

From creating thriving spaces, placemaking & regeneration to creating high-quality homes, we do the right thing and we do it well. Together we create the spaces that sustain communities, business, families and the planet.

When it comes to land, planning is where the value is created. At Collaborate Land, planning is at the heart of our expertise. We take care of reviews, due diligence, negotiations of land deals, getting the planning rights and navigating the regulations. What’s more, we have the funding to take your land through planning because we know that when planning is where the value is created, it’s the funding that makes it happen.

For us, innovation, sustainability and value are the concepts we live by.

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