Ryan Barnhill


Ryan joined the business in 2017 after meeting founder Lee while he was in his previous role with a housing association.  

The pair hit it off immediately. They liked each other’s way of working. Crucially, they shared a goal to change the shape of the affordable housing sector.   

Working together was a natural fit, and the pair quickly established themselves as a fresh force in the industry.  

So where did it all begin for Ryan?  

Ryan left school and worked in landscaping to fund his desire to travel the world.

Travelling Europe, Ryan marvelled at the architecture, especially the impressive cathedrals and churches and realised construction needed to come full circle.  

Local labour, sustainably sourced materials, a circular economy: priorities we strive for today were there all along, but the industry veered off-track somewhere on the way.   

As a mature student, Ryan then went to university to undertake a Building Surveying degree, then worked hard to become a RICS Chartered Planning and Development Surveyor.   

His construction career kicked off from there, and after working in both private and local authority sectors he now brings to the table bags of experience in private development and local authority building.  

Today, Ryan’s calling is to deliver housing that’s urgently needed and enhances – rather than detracting from – communities and environments.  

Ready to chat to Ryan about how to make more of your land or development?  

Email Ryan ryan@collaborate-land.co.uk