Sell My Land | Sell Your Land To Specialist Land Agents

Sell My Land

Are you a landowner with a plot to sell? Selling land in the UK can be a complicated and lengthy process, especially as a first-time or inexperienced landowner.

Working with a land agent to sell your land for property development ensures you get the best value and outcome for your plot, without drowning in red tape.

Learn more about how to sell your land – with or without planning consent.

Sell My Land | Sell Your Land To Specialist Land Agents

Sell inherited land 

Many of the landowners we work with have inherited a plot of land and want to sell it. As they’re not experienced in the complexities of land sales, this can often be a challenging process without the support of a specialist. 

We can work with you to sell either:

  • Brownfield Land
    Brownfield Land A brownfield site has already been developed on (whether the development is still standing or demolished/disused).
  • Greenfield Land
    Greenfield Land Agricultural land or woodland areas where no previous development has taken place.
Collaborate Group

Do I need planning permission to sell the land?

We can work with you to sell your land no matter what the planning status is.

We work with landowners like you to handle every stage of the sales process, whether you’re selling your land with planning permission, subject to planning, or without planning permission in place.

Depending on the agreement we come to, you can sell your land to us easily with or without planning permission, or we can take the land through the planning application process on your behalf and then help you to sell it once consent is in place.

How much does it cost to sell land?

The cost of working with a land agent or development partner to sell your land will depend on the size of the plot and what kind of agreement you come to.

The best place to start is with a discussion to get an idea of potential value and sale options.


What is the process of selling my land?

The process of selling a plot of land to us depends on various factors, like the type of land it is, its planning status, and what your priorities are (i.e. selling the land quickly, securing the highest market value, ensuring maximum sustainability).

It begins with a free, no-obligation phone call or meeting/site visit with you to determine the value of your plot and discuss your selling options and objectives.

Then, we will advise on the best course of action and explain how each of the property sales processes work, so you can make an informed decision on how to sell your land.

5 main ways to sell land

Conditional contract

Conditional land sales depend on specific conditions, such as securing planning permission. This can extend the process but generally increases your return on investment.

Unconditional contract

In unconditional land sales, land is sold upfront without any conditions in place. This can lead to a simple, speedy sale, but doesn’t always achieve the maximum potential value. 

Promotional agreement

Partnering with a developer or land agent in a promotional agreement streamlines the sale process for you. You make the most of their experience and industry contacts, while they benefit from you covering the costs of the planning process and marketing the land to potential buyers.

Options agreement

Under an options agreement, a developer agrees to buy your land within a set timeframe, reducing risk for you as the landowner while allowing for the value to rise once planning permission is granted within this period.

Collaboration agreement or joint venture

Joint ventures combine resources between a landowner and developer, spreading risk and providing access to expertise and funding, benefiting both parties in the development process.

Learn more about these five ways to sell your land.

Why choose Collaborate Group to sell land to?

Get the best value for your land

You want to achieve the best value for your land, and our experienced specialists ensure you get it. 

Planning permission experts

Your land is worth much more with planning permission guaranteed but obtaining consent can be complicated and overwhelming.

Let us step in and support or manage the entire process of securing or changing planning permission.

Sustainability champions

We believe sustainable property development is the answer to the UK affordable housing crisis and pride ourselves on making a positive mark on the planet and local communities.

Project success rate

We have a proven success rate for seeing projects through to completion, removing the eyesore of disused sites and improving an area’s aesthetics, value, and opportunities.

Realise the potential of your land

Your land has the potential to change lives and communities.

As land specialists, we work closely with our network of industry contacts and key stakeholders to determine the best use for your land so it achieves its full potential.



As experienced land and property development specialists, we employ a variety of assessments and metrics to determine the value of your land. We take into consideration factors like its location, size, development potential, and any regulations and restrictions to come up with an accurate valuation.

Again, this depends on the type of sale agreement you opt for, market conditions and various other contributing aspects. If you need to sell land fast, an unconditional sale is generally the speediest route, and this can happen in a few weeks or months minimum. However, this is only a guide, and it’s best to seek expert advice and specifics for more accurate timelines.

Working with a land agent or specialist is the best way to sell land and maximise its value. It’s important to choose a land partner you can trust, with the experience to ensure selling your plot of land is a seamless process that results in the best possible financial outcome for you. Find out more about our experience and credentials.

Looking to sell a piece of land? Get in touch for a free, no-obligation conversation with our UK land and planning experts

Whether you have planning permission or not, we’d love to talk to you about buying your land to turn it into socially and environmentally sustainable affordable housing.

We work with local authorities, planning officers, housing associations, property developers, construction companies, environmental experts, architects, and other specialists to take ownership of your land and develop it for good with careful planning and due diligence. 

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