Selling Land For Development: Why Choose Us?

Selling Land For Development: Why Choose Us?
Date: 07/05/2024

Around 340,000 new homes are needed in England every year – including 145,000 affordable homes – to meet the demand for housing,

So, if you have a plot of land you’re thinking of selling, you have the chance to make a significant impact on local communities in desperate need of suitable housing.

There are different ways to sell your land to a developer, depending on factors like whether it’s subject to planning consent or there’s a need to sell the land quickly.

Find out more about the process of selling your land to a developer.

If you decide to sell your land for development and you’re searching for the right partner, read on to find out why we could be the ideal fit for you.

Thinking about selling your land for property development? Here are five reasons to choose Collaborate Land

At Collaborate Land, we are land and planning experts who source and buy land from landowners at the right price to create sustainable housing developments that meet the needs of local communities.

You can sell land to us with or without planning permission, depending on your circumstances and goals.

In fact, there are five main ways to sell land to a developer – conditional and unconditional land sales, option agreements, promotional agreements and joint ventures. This blog explains the ways to sell your land in more detail.

Here are five reasons to sell your land to us.

Best value for you

Naturally, when you enter into the process of selling your land to developers you want to get the best sale price.

Our team of specialists is highly experienced in determining the value of land and helping you secure the best value for your plot.

We work with a network of experts to identify the land’s value and always operate with integrity and honesty throughout the sale process. So, you feel confident throughout that we have your best interests at heart and that you’ll make a profit you’re happy with.

Planning permission specialists

Whether you need to obtain planning permission or change the type of planning consent you have, we can help.

At Collaborate Land, our team of planning experts is highly experienced in handling the planning process from start to finish on behalf of landowners and other organisations to get the best outcome for all involved.

We work closely with local authority planning officers and can either take the entire process (and even expense) of gaining planning permission off your hands or support you through it, depending on the type of agreement we come to.

Sustainability champions

Sustainability Champions

For us, buying land and realising its development potential is about so much more than profit.

Like many of the landowners we deal with, we have a passion for the environment and really do care about getting things right rather than simply ticking a box.

The fact is, housing is desperately needed, but building residential developments doesn’t have to have a detrimental impact on the local ecosystem.

We believe sustainable and purpose-led development is the solution to the UK affordable housing crisis.

Project success rate

Often, land gets sold but sits untouched for years – or even indefinitely – for a variety of reasons. And while most landowners want the best price for their land, they generally have an interest in seeing the land put to the best use.

An abandoned site can be an eyesore or even pose a health or environmental hazard if fly tipping becomes commonplace.

Our sister company, Collaborate Living, has a proven success rate for seeing projects through to completion for the benefit of landowners, local communities, and the surrounding environment.

Unlocking the potential of land

A land sale is a delicate balance between getting the best sale price for you, the landowner, and unlocking the potential of the land.

Our team conducts a series of complex and thorough assessments to understand how a piece of land should best be used to benefit all stakeholders, from local residents to local wildlife, as well as avoiding any potential risks.

This means that, as a vendor, you have the reassurance your land will be used in the right way to make a positive contribution to individuals, communities, society as a whole and the environment too.

Plus, as we’re well-connected and have a good reputation in the property development industry, we’re able to assemble the right team of contractors and project partners to ensure developments run smoothly and meet deadlines.

Collaborate Group

Are you a landowner with a plot to sell? Start your ethical land sale process today

If you wish to sell your land to a property developer and it’s important to you that it’s used to create sustainable solutions to the UK’s housing needs, we’d love to talk to you to see how we can help.

We are specialists in buying land from landowners at the right price to be used for good.

With offices in Manchester and London, we cover the whole of the UK and our sister company, Collaborate Living, oversees a range of sustainable property development projects in partnership with contractors, local authorities, housing associations, and care providers.

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